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Tributes to the Greats

Comedy did not appear out of nowhere.

There were greats that came and changed the landscape forever.

This page was created to pay tribute to these greats and to pay tribute to their contributions to our industry.

If you would like to learn more about them, we welcome you to read the page below.

Remember the Comedians for they leave more behind than laughter

Northern California Comedy Guide
A Tribute To

Robin Williams
(July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

The Northern California Comedy Guide proudly pays tribute to one of the timeless icons of the comedy world. Not only known for his comedic prowess, he was known as a great philanthropist and even went beyond the public appearance of charity to provide more direct acts of kindness to untold huge numbers of people. Having participated in many tours to entertain our troops, he was a great citizen of the world as well as a patriot right here at home.. 

It is no wonder that such a wonderful gift to the improvisational comedy world was born in Chicago. He quickly developed skills including going to the prestigious Julliard School. While he gained notoriety as Mork in Mork and Mindy, he returned to his dramatic roots in many films, including winning the Oscar for his performance in Good Will Hunting.

Although known for Hollywood films, Marin County was his home and he adored bike riding throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Those who knew him adored him, and those that didn't wish that they did.

He will be missed and will not be forgotten.